• arte x strada – Lucamaleonte

    arte x strada – Lucamaleonte

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    Shy and mimetic, Lucamaleonte – Roman artist born in 1983 – is able to at the same time show up and hide within the urban sphere with his interventions: insects, reptiles or birds, putti and classical statues, anatomical or architectural details are part of his creative universe which is perfectly conveyed through a masterly employment of the stencil technique. His passion for drawing is almost innate; when he was a child, indeed, he practiced with his pencil while always keeping alive his interest for art history. However, his artistic education essentially followed autonomous drives as an

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  • Book@rt – Flaminio Gualdoni, Piero Manzoni. Vita d’artista

    Book@rt – Flaminio Gualdoni, Piero Manzoni. Vita d’artista

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    Piero Manzoni’s life (1933 -1963) was too short and blazing. As an artist, he was able to create a new brilliant and crystal clear language, which was very original and distanced itself from any contemporary train. In a very provocative way, just thinking about his most famous work “Merda d’artista” (Artist’s Shit) or his white paintings known as “Achromes”, Manzoni made the reasoning on the concept of the work of art itself his main research focus. “Piero Manzoni. Vita d’artista” is a biography curated by Flaminio Gualdoni, who is art historian and professor at Milan

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  • Video star – Anna Franceschini

    Video star – Anna Franceschini

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    The unveiling of different worlds coexisting on earth constitutes a particular point of attraction which becomes the beginning and origin of the transformation carried out by the artistic gesture. This is the fulcrum of Anna Franceschini’s work: she is an Italian artist who was born in 1969 and now lives and works between Amsterdam and Milan. Franceschini has always been working with video; the investigation of space through the movie camera lenses allows her for deconstruction from a peculiar viewpoint showing us new worlds, new visual, interpretational and emotional possibilities. The unveiling of new worlds

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  • Art & Adv – Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

    Art & Adv –  Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

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    Nowadays, it is well-known that advertising fashion photography often draws on that inexhaustible thesaurus coming from world art. Indeed, it is strikingly possible to find many instances of appropriation, manipulation and re-contextualization of artworks which sometimes hide behind subtle references, which can be perceived only by a careful audience, and sometimes are more evident with the whole image working as a straightforward pastiche of a famous painting. Hence, the tradition of the “Tableaux vivants” – actual scenic representations made up of one or more characters playing the attitudes, poses, situations and sometimes settings of famous masterpieces,

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  • Artherapy – Pink Project

    Artherapy – Pink Project

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    “A dress and a pink wig for the fight against breast cancer”: photographer Francesca Tilio, born in 1975, decided to personally fight against breast cancer with a dress and a pink wig. After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, indeed, after surgery first and chemotherapy later, she rewarded herself with a reflex camera which became the instrument through which she could share her fight with all the other women. In this way, Pink Project was born as a photographic performance which was started one year ago, a story which tells the intimate relationship of a woman

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