• Lui chi è?? Valentina Vannicola

    Lui chi è?? Valentina Vannicola

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    Valentina Vannicola was born in Rome in 1982.  After  graduating with a thesis on film theory from La Sapienza University of Rome, she got her diploma from the Roman School of Photography. Her artistic practice refers back to the genre of staged photography, a contemporary photography trend which is aimed at presenting constructed scenes as real according to the dynamics of cinematography. A fundamental character in her works since 2008 is literature, which inspires the artist to create shots with imaginary and suggestive settings, though still in a very traditional fashion. Every shot portrays the

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  • Rero – Supervised Independence @ Wunderkammern

    Rero – Supervised Independence @ Wunderkammern

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    Wunderkammern presents Supervised Independence, solo show of the French artist Rero. Rero (1983) is an artist that examines the codes of our society, an in particular the codes of image and language. Notorious for his in situ pieces in public, urban spaces natural environments, his work revolves around language: single words, phrases short and long, that engage the reader based scenario in which they are placed. Rero systematically crosses out messages with a thick black line. This détournement distinctively characterizes his research on the negation of the image, one which testifies to the very process of

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  • The British School at Rome

    The British School at Rome

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    Anybody who has ever been to Rome can firmly state that it is a culturally polychrome city, made up of multiple multifaceted realities, which sometimes intertwine, some others depart. This aspect pertains also to the art world; especially the archeological field, modern art, museums and contemporary art form an unlimited, lively and undoubtedly heterogeneous panorama. Among the most interesting realities offered by the Roman contemporary sphere, there are certainly foreign academies, which were born to host and support artists, researchers and scholars coming to Italy to deepen their knowledge of archeology, art, history or classical

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  • Duchamp. Re-made in Italy

    Duchamp. Re-made in Italy

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    Starting a few weeks ago, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome opened the greatly awaited exhibition dedicated to Marcel Duchamp, in the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary from his trip to Italy and the centenary from the birth of the famous “Bicycle Wheel”. The exhibition “Duchamp. Re-made in Italy”, curated by Stefano Cecchetto, Giovanna Coltelli, Marcella Cossu and Carla Subrizi, traces back the most important steps in the artistic production of the man who has changed the way we look at art forever, calling attention to the relationship he had with Italy and

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