• Book@rt – Svjetlan Junakovic , Ti racconto l’arte del ‘900

    Book@rt – Svjetlan Junakovic , Ti racconto l’arte del ‘900

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    A curious travel across contemporary art history throughout 16 stories which Svjetlan Junakovic, author of the texts and charming illustrations enriching the volume, employs to disclose his singular collection of objects, photographs, documents, which are supposed to belong to great 20th century artists. A book for both adults and children that, as a time machine, brings us back in time when Picasso used to go to school, Grosz used to scribble his dictionary, Matisse used to write to Father Christmas, Modigliani used to play with sand, Chagall used to look up at flying kites, Magritte

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  • Zoom – Benedetta Falugi

    Zoom – Benedetta Falugi

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    Benedetta Falugi is a young photographer who approached photography in a rather casual way, by taking pictures of furniture for online sale. Once she found out about this passion, Falugi started her personal research which is aimed at the places of the heart and people living there. Her clean style, the choice of warm colors and enchanting atmospheres characterize her works. For the series “Il Cotone,” the artist investigates a beloved reality, that is the industrial zone and the working class neighborhood in Piombino, which is indeed known as “il Cotone” and where her grandfather

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  • Lui chi è?? – Silvia Giambrone

    Lui chi è?? – Silvia Giambrone

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    Silvia Giambrone was born in Agrigento in 1981. She has been living and working in Rome since 2002, when she got into Rome Fine Arts Academy. The personal element is fundamental to her work: this, together with universally recognized themes, is one of the various research fields of her artistic production. One of the most important among these is certainly the case of body, which is at the same time fertile research field and active tool to develop different projects: in “La viola e un poco nervosamente” (2010), the body of the artist abandons its

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  • Dan Witz – Public and Confidential @ Wunderkammern

    Dan Witz – Public and Confidential @ Wunderkammern

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    Artist Dan Witz Title Public and Confidential Opening Saturday 28 September, 7pm Curated by Giuseppe Ottavianelli Critical Essay by Christian Omodeo  Dates From 28 September to 16 November, 2013  Wunderkammern is proud to launch the international project PUBLIC & CONFIDENTIAL, starting with the exhibition by American artist Dan Witz. Influenced by Punk culture, Dan Witz began his career in 1979 and quickly became one of the major pioneers of Street Art. Challenging the more traditional canons of the art world, Witz chose to focus on urban art, creating installations on the streets of various international

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  • Performart – Domenico Mennillo

    Performart – Domenico Mennillo

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    Alternating and merging installation, experimental theatre and poetic language, the beginning of Domenico Mennillo’s artistic career dates back to about twenty years ago, when he started writing poems: «The main question I was asking to myself was how poetry could resist and live today, what possible developments it might go through, its metamorphoses; art and especially the avant-gardes had already dealt with this issue with brilliant, futuristic and charming solutions. Many of the protagonists of that unique season were originally poets and men of letters (Breton, Marinetti, Tzara, just to mention a few), who later

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