• Book@rt – Luigi Ghirri, Lezioni di fotografia

    Book@rt – Luigi Ghirri, Lezioni di fotografia

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    Luigi Ghirri is without a doubt the most influential Italian photographer not only for the history of Italian photography. He was born in 1943 in Scandiano and died untimely in 1992 in Reggio Emilia, leaving a great void in the world of contemporary photography. Trained as a surveyor, he will pursue this career until 1974, when he decided to open a graphics and photography studio. He approached photography during the years of conceptual art and arte povera, working in very close contact with artists, recording performances or producing works which would support performances, and very

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  • Zoom – Federico Ciamei

    Zoom – Federico Ciamei

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    Federico Ciamei was born in Rome in 1974 and currently lives in Milan. He is a photographer and designer. His ongoing research, which focuses on the most ironic aspects of the everyday life, led him to the production of his curious and striking project “80s SWM seeks LTR” (2012). The title is the acronym for the phrase “80 years old Single White Male searching for a Long Term Relationship,” introducing us into the little known world of online love announcements  by American old men. Immediately, it is possible to perceive the liveliness and the wish

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  • Ma che te lo devo spiegare?!

    Ma che te lo devo spiegare?!

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    Contemporary Art: a passion for many, a big mystery for others. Although during the last years the museums of the main European cities have been hosting big exhibitions dedicated to the greatest artists of the 20th century every year and cultural tourism has become routine, contemporary art remains until today unknown field for strangers and this is not because of lack of interest or curiosity, rather because of the perplexity hovering around something so incomprehensible as the production of contemporary art can be. Undoubtedly, it is true that the art of the last century has

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  • Lui chi è?? – Alice Pasquini

    Lui chi è?? – Alice Pasquini

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    Born in Rome, though “citizen of the world,” Alice Pasquini, also known as Alicè, left the mark of her art around the streets of many metropolises. Born in 1980, after the diploma from Rome Fine Arts Academy, she soon decided to distance herself from the conventional art scene by making the street her personal canvas. She has been living in England, France, and Spain for many years specializing in hand-drawn animation and art criticism. Her first contacts with street art date back to the first years of 2000, though she prefers avoiding this term to

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  • The Garbage Patch State

    The Garbage Patch State

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