• Video star – Yasmin Fedda

    Video star – Yasmin Fedda

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    To find the place of inspiration and work’s beginning of Yasmin Fedda we must go to Tell Brak, an archaeological site in the North-East  Syria, where were found some votive deposits offered to Eye Temples. These idols – made of clay, inspired by the human figure and with big eyes – are for Yasmin the representation of see and watch, and therefore of film and record people, lives, community, subjects captured by her camera. Tell Brak was also an international thoroughfare and home to several civilisations over the centuries,  I wonder why if this is

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  • Art & Adv – Marco Rea

    Art & Adv – Marco Rea

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    Since the late Nineteenth Century, the billboard, emblem of modernity, has invaded the walls of the great capitals. An urban language that has since become an integral part of the artistic language and it has inspired several authors. Today, even more, the all-present intrusiveness of advertising has made these images almost invisible to our eyes. Marco Rea, born in 1975, attempts to give new life to the figures that populate the world of contemporary marketing using the billboard as a support and appropriating a process he defines “inverse” to the street art: he doesn’t bring

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  • Zoom – Anna di Prospero

    Zoom – Anna di Prospero

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    Lapse into the unconscious and let it be the only guide: an operating method trough which the shots of Anna di Prospero are based on. Collected into the series “Instinct”, those images arise spontaneously, as the result of an inner strength, a primordial instinct that led the author to the realization of photographs seemingly disparate and free from any initial planning. An observation a posteriori let Di Prospero discovered the consistency and the meaning of this spontaneously born work: as she says, these shots are the visual transcription of intimate traces impressed in her memory

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  • Lui chi è?? – Marco Raparelli

    Lui chi è?? – Marco Raparelli

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    Marco Raparelli’s work focuses on drawing freed from any academic scheme. Born in Rome in 1975, after the studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, he specialized in video animation at the Loughborough College of Art (U.K.) and in painting at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Brussels. Marco Raparelli’s style is almost instinctive, because it does not cover the use of drafts or preliminary tests, so the error becomes a natural consequence and an integral part of his work. Everyday life is the main source of inspiration for the creation of the characters’ world

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  • #meaculpa – Photographic Instagram Challenge

    #meaculpa – Photographic Instagram Challenge

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    #meaculpa is the new photo challenge sponsored on Instagram by almost CURATORS and Wunderkammern. The challenge takes place within the initiatives related to the exhibition “Mea Culpa” by French urban artist C215 which will open saturday, March 23, 7 pm  at Wunderkammern. In order to participate Capture in a snap one of the many works of C215 scattered around the city of Rome and add the following tags: #meaculpa #almostcurators The best photo published on Instagram from March 20 to May 24 2013 will be awarded with a copy of the catalogue “C215″ (Ed. Castelvecchi)

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