• Artherapy – Open Source Cure

    Artherapy – Open Source Cure

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    Salvatore Iaconesi is an Italian artist, hacker and interaction designer who has been teaching digital arts and cultures in several universities worldwide. Nothing special, to this extent. But Iaconesi has been recently diagnosed with brain cancer and decided to crack and make his digital medical records downloadable by everyone. “Open Source Cure” is the precise naming Salvatore uses for his project, specially meant for doctors and scientists who could give him medical advice, but also addressed to artists, designers, hackers, photographers, video makers, musicians and writers. “There are cures for the body, for spirit, for

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  • Artherapy – Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

    Artherapy – Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

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    Chelsea & Westminster Hospital is not a common health center. Since 1993 it has been hosting an outstanding museum-accredited art collection and an intensive performative arts’ programme (from music to dance, from theatre to mime) in wards and public places of the building. From Allen Jones’s “Acrobat”, commissioned for the opening of the hospital and considered to be the largest indoor sculpture in the world, up to Sian Tucker’s mobile “Falling Leaves”, art – thanks to the collaboration of renowned artists – makes the hospital itself a more creative and joyful environment for patients, their

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  • Artherapy – Paintings in Hospitals

    Artherapy – Paintings in Hospitals

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    Born in 1959 in UK, “Paintings in Hospitals” is an organization that takes advantage of the beneficial potentialities of visual arts in order to improve the emotional dimension and the physical environment around patients and their families. Acting across the health sector, including hospitals, care homes and cancer centers, every year the association preserves the patients’ wellbeing through almost 4,000 artworks and interactive projects that help transform the experience users have. All this in collaboration with important British cultural bodies, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, with whom it has been working for about

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  • Artherapy – Diagnosis by artists

    Artherapy – Diagnosis by artists

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    “Art in therapy: 33 diagnosis by artists“ is an exhibition which took place last July in a ward of Saint Matthew’s Hospital in Spoleto, temporarly transformed into an art gallery through paintings, installations, sculptures and photographies made by internationally renowned artists who had been joining various editions of the Biennal and official shows of the “Due Mondi Festival” in Spoleto. What’s new about it? The exhibition has been co-curated by the Art History lecturer Alberto D’Atanasio, together with Nazzareno Miele, top clinician of the Hospital. Moreover, some of the artists have been patients themselves and,

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  • Artherapy – Acting Hospitals

    Artherapy – Acting Hospitals

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    Zerynthia is an association for contemporary art founded in 1991 which for years has been operating in hospitals in order to transform these places in spaces dedicated to communication and transmission of ideas. Art becomes expression of the hospital where it’s located. Where ethnic minorities dominate, art is turned into a kaleidoscopic mosaic of mediterranean experiences, while in pediatric hospitals the main focus is partecipation. The comprehension of art becomes an interesting oportunity of serenity, in an outstanding osmosis between body and creativity. www.zerynthia.it

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